14 Awesome Bearded Dragon Plants You Can Use For Your Tank!

Bearded Dragon Plants

Have you ever seen those movies where they show really, really ugly and frightening prisons? The prison cells are a nightmare. Everything is dark, there is something that you could call a bed in the corner and the toilet is right next to it. Of course as dirty as you would expect a prison toilet.

This is what I feel like when I see those poorly equipped beardie tanks on the internet. In my opinion this isn´t right. Reptiles should not be kept as prisoners. We should do our best to create a very natural habitat that bearded dragons enjoy. The fact that you are doing your research and stumbled upon this article shows that you most probably think the same way.

Great to have you here! In this article I show you some of the best bearded dragon plants you can get for your tank to create an awesome looking beardie cage.

Food Plants

Plants in a bearded dragon terrarium is something most people do not even think about. They think it is too hard to have a living plant inside a tank that is so warm and dry. Further most people are afraid that their beardie could be poisoned from those plants.

Don´t worry I only show you plants that are not dangerous for your bearded dragon. Here are a couple of plants your bearded dragon even is allowed to eat.

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In general you can place every plant in your tank that your bearded dragon is allowed to eat. Some of them won´t last too long, others will do pretty well in your beardie habitat.

Bolivian Wandering Jew (Callisia Repens)

Dwarf Bolivian Wandering Jew - Tradescantia Minima Callisia Repens - 10 Cuttings

The first plant I want to name is bolivian wandering jew. This is my favorite plant of all plants you can put into your tank. They do not only look good, your bearded dragon is going to love to climb on this plant. Further beardies like to eat callisia repens. It can help if you bearded dragon is suffering from diarrhea.

Just make sure that your bearded dragon doesn´t get a too watery stool. As I said, beardies like this plant and it can happen that your dragon eats too much of it and has a water intake that might be a little bit too high. However most beardies don´t do this and you most probably don´t have to worry about it.

Bolivian wandering jew grows quickly and is pretty hardy. Not only bearded dragons like this plant. Even other pets like parakeets, hamsters, rats and turtles love to eat this plant. Of course without any health risks.

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Further Food Plants

If your bearded dragon does not eat too much greens you can place all kinds of herbs inside the tank. If your bearded dragon eats a lot of greens you can still put herbs in the tank but you should take them out from time to time.

For example you can use basil, catnip, cress and peppermint. However this is just a small part of a huge list. I created an article about stuff beardies are allowed to eat and you can find a lot more there. Click here for 88 things your beardie is allowed to eat.

The only problem is that most of those herbs won´t last long in a hot beardie tank. That´s why I have another category of bearded dragon plants for you.

Decorative Beardie Plants

So you might want a plant that you just put into the tank and don´t have to worry about it. You look more for a beautiful plant that upgrades your natural beardie habitat.

Here are a couple of plants you can use for that. Of course these plants can also be eaten by your bearded dragon without any risk.

Blushing Bride (Tillandsia ionantha)

5 Pack Assorted Tillandsia Ionantha

This plant is a classic. I think that almost everybody who has a desertish natural habitat had this plant at least once. Blushing bride is perfect for a beardie cage. You can glue this plant on stones or even on your tank background if you do not want that your bearded dragon takes a bit from this plant. If you need a background have a look at this!

This plant doesn´t need any real watering, misting your tank is enough to keep this plant alive. It looks awesome and will last very long in your tank.

Get Blushing Bride here!

Aloe Vera​​​​

plants for bearded dragons

In my opinion aloe vera looks great in a beardie habitat. They are pretty similar to blushing bride when it comes to maintainance. They do not need a lot of water and do well in a dry environment. However bearded dragons really like to eat this plant and if you have one of those little dragons who love to chew on plants, aloe vera will look ugly quickly.

Nevertheless, this is a nice and safe plant for your habitat!

Get Aloe Vera here!

Further Decorative Plants

Of course there are a lot of more plants for a bearded dragon tank, but decribing all of them here would make this article long as hell. That´s why I just give you the names of a couple of other plants you can unhesitatingly put in your tank.

Plastic Plants

I am a fan of live plants. I think it is just more natural for the reptiles and they can lick dew drops from the plants or eat the plants whenever they feel like they need more water. However plastic plants can look good as well! There are a couple of nice looking plastic plants that really upgrade your tank in terms of looks. Further they can be used as a hide by your beardie.

I hope that this article helps you to find the perfect plants for your beardie tank. I am happy that you are like me and think that your beardie tank shouldn´t be an ugly prison cell for your reptile. Have fun shopping the plants! 🙂


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