8 Reasons For Your Bearded Dragon´s Black Beard

Bearded Dragons Black Beard

Have you ever met a person you just could not read because of very weird behaviour? It is always an uncomfortable situation to meet those people because you just do not know their intentions. Are they nice? Are they mean? Do they need to go to the bathroom? Do they want to kill you? You just don´t know.

Well, it is very different with bearded dragons. Even though they do not talk, they have a very clear communication. The beard is one of the body parts of a beardie that is very important for communicating. They can puff it up and they can turn it very, very dark to show you what they want. So if you ask yourself what the reason for your bearded dragon´s black beard is, I got some answers for you!

I Just Looked Into My Bearded Dragon´s Cage And...

his beard is totally black? Most probably this is what happened to you and you are a little bit worried now. I know this from my own experience. When I was a reptile beginner I thought that only Chameleons could change their colors and I thought my bearded dragon is about to die when I first saw him with a dark beard.

First of all, don´t panic. Your dragon is communicating with you and this means that you have to reply. While most people talk with their bearded dragons (including me), this is not what I mean. I show you what I mean.

Your Bearded Dragon Is Scared

See? If your bearded dragon tells you that he is scared, what do you do? Of course you answer by making sure that there is nothing to be scared of. So this could be one reason: being scared. It could be anything. Do you wear a new shirt today with a bright color? Your dragon could be scared! Is it possible for your bearded dragon to see outside through a window? There could be a bird that scares the hell out of him.

Remember, bearded dragons have excellent eyes, they can see everything perfectly. So if your dragon sees another animal or a new piece of furniture in the room, this could be the reason.

Get started with Bearded Dragons in 5-Steps!

In this case, your bearded dragon will get used to the new piece of furniture. However regarding seeing birds through the window or something similar, I recommend to make sure that your beardie can´t see your window.

Your Dragon Is Excited

Another very common reason. As I said your bearded dragon has got excellent eyes. If he sees anything that he likes, he might get excited and turn his beard black. For example: If your dragon sees you walking to the place where you store your live food. Yepp, they see that and they know exactly what you are about to do, lol.

The Puberty

I´m not going to talk about my puberty now and I´m not going to compare a bearded dragon´s black beard with anything human right now ... 🙂
However, most people do not know that there is a puberty when it comes to bearded dragons. It starts around six months and one year of age. Normally bearded dragons mate after brumation and the mating season lasts around 4 months. The male bearded dragon shows courtship behavior: a black beard and heavy head bobbing. Further, normally male bearded dragons start hefty territorial fights. Which leads us to the next point.

Territorial Behavior

Do you keep more than one bearded dragon in one cage? This could be the reason for the black beard! As already explained, during mating season, bearded dragons start territorial fights. However bearded dragons are loners and they should not be kept with another bearded dragon in one cage. If you want to keep two or more bearded dragons in one cage you have to make sure that you have a tank that is big enough and you should not get two males. It should always be one male with one or more females. Here is how to tell your dragons gender! (BTW: Even if you get a male and a female it can happen that you have to separate the dragons.)

A lot of beginners do not know this because they got misinformation from pet shops that just want to sell. Which leads to the next point.

Bad Husbandry

Do you know what I can´t stand? Those poorly equipped reptile tanks that you can see all over Youtube. Those people use newspaper as substrate. Besides that they only place one hide and one water or feeding bowl inside the tank. In my opinion this is not okay. In my opinion if you want to keep a reptile you have to make sure that you create a habitat that is very close to their natural habitat. Just going for the cheapest option is BS. Don´t be such a person. Your dragon deserves better than that.

Need a good bearded dragon substrate? Here is it!
Need to know how to create a natural habitat for your dragon? Have a look at this!

The wrong temperature, humidity, food etc. could be a reason, too.

Bearded Dragon Dark Beard

Your Dragon Might Be Sick

It could be a reason, but most of the time it is not. If your dragon closes his eyes and sleeps all day with a black beard it could be sick. There are a lot of diseases, here are a couple of common bearded dragon diseases:

New Environment

If you just got your bearded dragon and you put it into his new cage, it can happen that he colors his beard dark. There is no need to panic, this is absolutely normal. He just has to get used to the new environment and after a couple of days or weeks hew will be happy and calm.

Your Bearded Dragon Hates You!

A little bit harsh, right? I know, I´m sorry, but it could actually be a reason for a black beard. You bearded dragon might not want to have you around him and shows you this by coloring his beard black and puffing it up to keep you away. If you got him new, give him some time. After that you can start to tame your bearded dragon.

Okay, I hope I could help you to bring some light into the darkness of your bearded dragon´s beard. If you have anymore questions, just leave a comment below. Any cool stories about your bearded dragon´s beard? Share it in the comment section below.


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