Worried about your bearded dragon's health all the time?... Let's stop that now!

Beardie Behavior 'n' Health Ebook

Be able to catch early warning signs of diseases and learn what your bearded dragon wants to tell you!

Have you ever suspected that your bearded dragon is sick? Have you tried to find help online just to end up more worried and completely confused?

"Learn your bearded dragon's body language, be able to tame your bearded dragon, be able to spot diseases in your bearded dragon, and never worry again!"

This is for you if...

...you are sick and tired of browsing through the internet, finding confusing answers and just hoping for the best when it comes to your bearded dragon's health and behavior!

Wanna know what's in the ebook? Here are all the things you are going to learn!

This is not just an ebook about common diseases in bearded dragons! Here is what you are going to learn:

Learn the bearded dragon language

Our ebook will show you what aggression, submission, mating, and territorial behavior in bearded dragons looks like.

How to tell if your bearded dragon is sick

Learn by looking at your bearded dragon's behavior, body, and fecals to know if he/she needs medical help.

Tame the dragon

We included our 3-Step taming plan + we show you how to handle your bearded dragon properly, and how to avoid bites.

How to help a sick bearded dragon

Gain knowledge about the most common (and most feared) diseases in bearded dragons, and learn what you can do to help.

Keep your dragon stress-free

How to tell if a bearded dragon is stressed and what to avoid in order to not stress your beardie.

Brumation Guide

Brumation is a very confusing topic for most beardie owners. Our ebook will show you everything you need to know, and how to make sure that your bearded dragon can brumate perfectly!

Bearded Dragon Eggs

Prevent your female bearded dragon from becoming eggbound; learn why your female dragon is laying so many eggs even without a partner, and more!

Shedding Guide

Learn how to make sure that your bearded dragon is able to shed perfectly, and what to do if your dragon seems to need some help with the old skin.


Sometimes you just want to have a quick answer. We have created a bonus ebook with frequently asked questions about bearded dragon behavior and health that you can use when you just want the answer now!

Get instant access to our
Beardie Behavior 'n' Health Ebook now!

Learn to understand bearded dragon language, how to spot diseases, and how to care for your beardie properly during certain phases like shedding or brumation from our ebook right now instead of browsing through the internet, and ending up more confused and scared than before!

Beardie Behavior 'n' Health Ebook

Understand. Help. Prepare. Prevent.

Learn to understand the bearded dragon body language. Is my bearded dragon feeling cold? Warm? Why is my bearded dragon glass-surfing? Why is my bearded dragon showing a black beard? Our ebook will show you why your bearded dragon is doing what he or she is doing.

Help your bearded dragon. As soon as you understand why your bearded dragon is displaying a certain behavior, our ebook will show what you can do to help, like making adjustments to the beardie enclosure, lighting, or diet.

Prepare . It is crucial to prepare for certain situations like egg-laying or brumation. Our ebook will show you what to do to make such a process as easy and stress-free as possible for your bearded dragon.

Prevent. By understanding your bearded dragon's body language, you can catch signs of diseases or similar upcoming problems early. This can prevent your bearded dragon from becoming sick, feeling unhappy, or stressed.

why is my bearded dragon eating sand

What other people are saying about us:

"When I brought my first bearded dragon home, she was hiding all the time and I was quite worried. Pierre and his team explained to me thoroughly why she was doing that and how to know if something was wrong with her. Incredibly helpful!"


What other people are saying about us:

"After my bearded dragon, Jezebel, could not stop laying eggs, I contacted the guys from BeardedDragonTank.com because I was so worried. They showed me how to make laying eggs easier for her, why she was laying so many eggs so often, and more. I recommend their website, their ebooks, and services to every bearded dragon keeper I know."


Beardie Behavior 'n' Health Ebook

Here Is What You Get

The main ebook will show you everything you need to know about bearded dragon body language, how to catch diseases early and how to help during brumation, shedding, and more.

However, we have also added a quick guide with frequently asked questions on bearded dragon behavior in the form of a short ebook as a bonus. This will help if you have a specific question and want to get an answer as quick as possible.

Both ebooks will be delivered in a pdf-format. This format can be read on computers, tablets, and mobile devices, but it can also be printed.

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Is this ebook only about bearded dragon diseases?

I don't have money for a vet, will this ebook show how to help my bearded dragon without a vet?

My bearded dragon is scared of me. Will this ebook help me to change that?

I have two bearded dragons in one tank. Will this ebook help me to understand if they like each other or not?

Get instant access to our Beardie Behavior 'n' Health ebook now!

Worrying about a beloved pet and family member is stressful. Get our ebook now, and become a confident bearded dragon keeper who understands the needs of a bearded dragon!

Beardie Behavior 'n' Health Ebook

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