Bearded Dragon Cage Décor: 5 Awesome Things You Need

Bearded Dragon Cage DecorCan you imagine your house or your flat without any furniture? It would look pretty sad, right? I mean, everybody wants to feel good in their own four walls. Some might have an indoor hammock in their house, others have oriental carpets. It doesn´t matter what you like, the point is, there are things inside your home you need to feel home.

So why should that be different with bearded dragons? They come from the woodlands of Australia. They love hides, digging in dirt, climbing on logs and branches. You should give that to them!

The good news is that there is more bearded dragon cage décor to buy that I can count. Wanna have a look? Here are 5 bearded dragon tank decorations that you should get right now.

Get An Awesome Looking Background For Your Tank

Let´s start with something simple and obvious: a background for your tank. Back in the day all we had were some fancy looking foils to put on the outside of the back of the cage. Those days are long gone fortunately.

Today you can get realistic looking backgrounds that even give your bearded dragon the opportunity to climb on it. And that´s what it is all about.

Giving your bearded dragon more possibilities to move around in the cage, to get more exercise, to snap a cricket even if it is unreachable, to have more usable space in the tank.

Prices vary. There are backgrounds that are pretty expensive, but there are cheap ones as well. Have a look at this background here.

Cork Terrarium Background Tile - Natural Cork Top 12x12 Inches

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​​​​Wanna see more backgrounds for your bearded dragon? Now problem! I wrote an entire article on awesome looking backgrounds. See the backgrounds here!

Plants For Your Beardie Cage

Come on, don´t tell me you don´t want new plants for your bearded dragon cage. I get tons of emails of people asking me what kind of plants they could put into their bearded dragon cages.

When it comes to real plants it can be a little bit tricky to find the right ones. However do you really thought I would let you down? Of course I wrote an article on that. Wanna put real plants into your cage? Here are 14 plants you can use for your beardie cage!

What about plastic plants? I actually really like to use them. They are easy to care for, I just clean them once in a while and that´s it.

They look pretty good and I can put them wherever I want to create an amazing looking environment for my bearded dragon.

Here are some plastic plants that contribute to a wonderful looking habitat.

Exo Terra Terrarium Plant

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Flukers Repta Vines-Pothos for Reptiles and Amphibians

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Branches And Driftwood

It might seem a little bit boring since almost everybody has at least one branch in their beardie tank. However there are actually some really beautiful looking branches that you can get online or in pet shops.

Some are a little bit expensive in pet shops but online you can get them actually quite cheap.

The great thing about those branches is that you can create an opportunity to climb for your beardie, but you can also position them to be a hide. I use those branches combined with plastic plants and real plants to create a very naturally looking habitat.

Here are some branches you must see.

Zoo Med Tag Mopani Wood

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Zoo Med Reptile Mopani Wood

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A Natural Substrate

Okay, okay I know, please don´t kill me. I know that you are afraid that your bearded dragon might eat sand or soil or any other substrate. This can definitely happen.

However, licking on sand or getting some of it in the mouth while snapping a cricket won´t get your bearded dragon impacted.

In fact bearded dragons only eat sand if their minerals aren´t balanced. So if your bearded dragon doesn´t get enough calcium it will eat the sand. If you make sure that your bearded dragon can get calcium whenever it wants, you are on the safe side.

Of course I wrote an article on that. Here is how to make sure that your beardie gets enough calcium.

Why You Need A Natural Substrate

Say it with me: “I want to get rid of the ugly looking newspaper/ kitchen roll in my tank” Of course you do! My God it looks ugly as hell, right? Same with repti carpet in my opinion.

Did you know that not using a natural substrate even hurts your dragon? Beardies are natural diggers. They love it! It is a great exercise for them. Many people think that only females dig when they want to lay eggs.

The males love to dig ways and caves as well. Wanna see a beardie digging? Here is a video! (Combined with the music of a classic video game called Dig Dug. Awesome, but you might wanna turn the music off if you don´t wanna go insane, lol.)

The majority of bearded dragons in captivity are way too fat and get way too less exercise. So you have to make sure that your bearded dragon gets a good workout – I. am. not. kidding! I know it sounds like I am the fitness trainer of beardies, but it is true!

Just laying under the basking spot all day long will hurt your dragon. Further the digging is great for their claws.

So here are some awesome substrates you can use. One of the is the Burrowing Clay that I love to use. I even wrote a substrate article on it. You can even form caves and hills with it.  You should really check it out here.

Logs And Hides

Big half logs are great for two things. First your beardie can climb on it and maybe basking or just getting a better view.

Second they can crawl inside and use it as a hide. combined with one of the natural substrate which I recommended above, they can even use it as the beginning of a cave.

Here is a video that shows exactly what I mean.

Besides all that they look incredibly good as well in a beardie tank. If you want to get such a log have a look at this one here. It is one of the best logs you can get.

Carolina Giant Half Log

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What Else?

Of course there are more bearded dragon tank accessories. However would you be impressed if I told you that you need a bearded dragon hammock? Probably not. Probably a thousand people before me told you that hammocks for beardies are cool.

Most probably you already have one. If not, I wrote an article on beardie hammocks. Get your beardie one of them.

The bearded dragon cage décor that I showed you above is more than enough to create a great naturally looking environment and also add a lot more fun and exercise for your bearded dragon at the same time.

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