Bearded Dragon Harness: 5 Masterpieces You Must See

bearded-dragon-harnessBearded dragons are THE pet reptiles in my opinion. As soon as they get used to you, they are extremely calm and you can almost do everything with them. I guess that is why you can see more and more bearded dragons lovers walking in the park with their dragon on a leash.

Further I eplained in this article why it is very important to give your bearded dragon the oppotunity to do something, to be active. It is very important for the reptiles since they can get “bored” and depressed easily when they do nothing except sitting in a tank.

I already reviewed a bearded dragon leash here. The leash worked absolutely great, but I also wanted to try a reptile harness for a bearded dragon, just to compare what´s better or what I like better. Further there are also harnesses without a leash, which are more like a costume.

For those of you who want a product that is more “compact” than only a leash, or if you want something with a little bit more style like the the The Walking Dead harness you can see below, you came to the right place. I had a look at some cool harnesses and I want to share with you my opinion on it.


So below are the 5 best bearded dragon harnesses (in my opinion and based on the customer reviews). If you want to see more images of one of the harnesses or more details to the product, simply click on the image.

I know, I know you probably do not want to read this stuff, you only want to see those great harnesses first and I absolutely understand this. So first things first, here are the harnesses.

Daryl Dixon Harnessdaryl-dixon-harness

Simple Blacksimple-black



Leopard Printleopard-print

Peace Sign Lizard Harnesspeace-sign-lizard-harness

The Flowers harness leash and the Daryl Dixon harness are my favourites. Of course I had a look at the customer reviews for these products before. Most of the harnesses have over 150 customer reviews and all those customers rated these products 5 stars. So now you can imagine, why I was so excited about trying out a harness for my bearded dragon.


All the customer reviews on Etsy said, that the shipping was super fast and it really only took a few days to arrive, of course I was very happy about that. I know from experience that shipping bearded dragon articles can take some time, since they do not always have the items in stock.

You have to keep in mind that all the harnesses are handmade. So it is understandable that sometimes shipping can take a little longer.


I wanted to make sure that the material is okay for my dragon and that there is no chance that my dragon gets hurt. The material looked absolutely great on both harnesses. It was stable but on the other side soft enough. Further the harness was really thin and light. I did not expect that, really cool.

The leash

Yepp, as you might have seen above, you get a dragon harness and a leash, for most of the products. So you do not have to buy that leash seperately. There is nothing really spectacular to say about the cord to be honest. It does the job and it isn´t too long, so you can use it inside your house too.


Well I am a very careful person when it comes to my bearded dragons. When I got the harness, I placed it near the terrarium for a few days first, so that my bearded dragons could get used to it.

I mean, my bearded dragons are totally relaxed, but you never know. After a few days I put it on my dragon and I think I am very lucky that my dragons are so calm and relaxed. It was no problem at all to put its legs through the holes.

The holes might be very big, but I can imagine that this could be a pain for people who own a dragon that is not calm and relaxed at all.

If you have such an “active” beardie or a beardie that basically hates you (lol), I would recommend to go with the dragon leash which I reviewed here: Dragon Leash.

It is a little bit easier to put on.


One of my dragon got used to it very quickly. However the other one really needed a few days to get comfortable with it. Now both of my dragons are absolutely fine with wearing the harness.


There are a few things you should know before buying the harness.

Measure your dragon

The harness comes in different sizes, so you need to know what size fits your dragon. Therefore you can click above on the image of the harness you like to see how to messure your beardie. The manufacturers on Etsy provide instructions on how to measure your beardie to get the right harness.

What you should not do!

You should never pull on the leash. The material might be very soft, but if you pull on it forcefully you might hurt your bearded dragon. If you really need to pull, do it very gently and slowly. However I think I do not need to tell that to a bearded dragon lover ?

Don´t use it if your dragon doesn´t like it

I tried it for a few days on my bearded dragons and they got used to it. However it can happen that a dragon absolutely hates it. Try it a few days, if your dragon does not get comfortable with wearing a harness, you shouldn´t use it.


So the material is absolutely awesome. It is very thin and light and it does not hurt my dragons. Further my dragons got used to it relatively quickly.

The shipping was super fast!

Further you can buy this harness in a lot of colors and variations. There is even a bearded dragon harness with wings, lol really funny. Of course I had to buy those wings as well. Here is the article about the 10 best wings you can find.

If you have a bearded dragon that is hard to handle, you should rather have a look at the leash I reviewed.

I just love to give my dragons the opportunity to run around outside and enjoy the sun. What about you? What do you think about a harness for a bearded dragon Do you use a harness or a leash? Do your dragons like it?

Tell me about it in the comment section below ?


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