Bearded Dragon Leash: Make Sure You Get A Good One

bearded dragon leash

Have you ever seen a man or a woman walk his dragon in a park on a leash? No? Well, it seems that this is becoming more and more popular and you probably will see it in the near future in your park or on the internet.

Because of that, I thought to myself, that I should do a little bit of research and buy such a bearded dragon leash and tell you my opinion on it.

Further, I am going to tell you the dos and don´ts when it comes to such leashes.

Here is the leash I bought

I wanted to make sure to get a good leash because I did not want to hurt my dragons when testing it. So I had a look at the Amazon customer reviews and found a very good one.

POLKASTORE Bearded Dragon Harness and Leash
POLKASTORE Bearded Dragon Harness and Leash Adjustable(S,M,L, 3 Pack) - Soft Leather Reptile Lizard Leash for Amphibians and Other Small Pet Animals

I took this leash because a lot of people tested it before me and wrote a customer review on Amazon for it. Further, it had a very, very high rating.

There were also other leashes, but they did not have very good ratings, even the bestseller in this category had a very low rating, so I did not take it. When it comes to such things, I don´t compromise. I do not want to hurt my dragons or something like that.

Further, I think that not even close to $10 bucks is a very good deal here. This is one of the cheapest leashes I have found. Check the price for the leash here!

The material

The cord does not catch on my dragon’s skin. Of course, this is the most important aspect here. I was a little bit worried here, but to be honest, I was very surprised. The material is very soft so my beardies didn´t get hurt.

You can buy the leash in two sizes. 3 ft and 6 ft, it depends on what you need. For a garden which is very big, a 6 ft leash would be great. If you want to use it inside your house, I would go with the 3 ft leash. However, that´s totally up to you.

Even if it is not that important: You can buy this leash in four different colors – Blue/Black, Orange, Pink, Yellow/Green

It was easy to put on

I have seen that some people had problems with that. Their beardies slipped out. However, if you use this leash right and put it on the right way, there is no way your dragon is able to slip out.

I thought it was pretty easy since you do not have to get your dragons legs through small holes. It took me 30 seconds.

Did my dragons like it?

So the product I used was very good in my opinion, the question now is: Did my dragons like it?

My bearded dragons are pretty relaxed, I can do almost everything with them, they would not freak out. However I never used such things on them, so I wanted that they get comfortable with the leash.

I just placed the leash near their terrarium, so they could see it and get used to it for a few days. A lot of you might say that I overdid it… well, you might be right, lol.

My dragons had absolutely no problem with wearing the leash. At first they moved a little bit weird and I really had to laugh. They looked at me like: “Is this a trap, human?”, but after a while, they got used to it and moved totally normal.

Who is this leash for?

dragon leashThis leash has some great benefits in my opinion. You can take your bearded dragon out and let it enjoy the real sun. If you have a garden you can let your beardie explore the environment.

This way your bearded dragon can explore and work out a little bit. In my opinion, this is great if you do not have an outdoor habitat.

Further, you can use this leash inside your house if you have a beardie that wants to escape all the time. You do not have to worry that it might run away and hide anywhere where you can´t reach it. This is good for you and for your bearded dragon.

What you should not do

You should not walk your bearded dragon like a dog. You have to understand that this leash is for the joy of your bearded dragon. Let your bearded dragon explore, let it enjoy its new possibilities.

Never pull on the leash! If you need to get your bearded dragon away from something only pull very gently and slowly. The material won´t hurt your dragon, but the force of your pull could if you pull to harsh.

Besides that, you should not try to make the leash “just a little bit tighter” to make sure that your dragon doesn´t escape.

My verdict

I really like the idea of that leash. It can be great for you and your bearded dragon if you use it right and you do not need to worry about that it could hurt your dragon.

Especially the model I used is very good and I love to use it. So would I recommend to buy this leash? Yeah, I would.

If you are interested in this leash you can get it here.

I really hope that my little review and my tips on using a bearded dragon leash are helpful to you.

Have you ever used such a leash? Do your bearded dragons like it? Tell me about it in the comment section below. I will get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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