Bearded Dragon: Tail Rot – What You Should Do Right Now!


Bearded Dragon Tail RotCan you imagine what it must feel like to have a rotting finger? Seeing it getting darker and darker? To not be able to feel your finger anymore?

Well, it might be a little bit harsh to open this article like this, but it only shows you how serious this topic is. Tail rot is no joke and a lot of bearded dragons in captivity suffer from it without the owner even noticing.

Did you know that a lot of pet shops (not all of them, there still are great pet shops) sell bearded dragons that are suffering from tail rot without hesitating to inexperienced reptile owners? So if your bearded dragon suffers from tail rot, it doesn´t have to be because of your keeping!

In this article I am going to show you how to detect tail rot, how to treat it and how to prevent it!

What Is Tail Rot?

When we talk about tail rot, we talk about necrotic tissue. Most affected bearded dragons have a rotting tail, but also the toes can be affected.

The toes or the tail get darker and darker. The tail almost looks like a little branch as it gets very dry. Remember the affected parts are dying and there is almost no blood in them anymore. The infection can get into the vital organs and kill your bearded dragon if not treated.

What Causes Tail Rot In Bearded Dragons?

What do you think of after reading what tail rot is? I immediately had to think of leprosy which is a well known bacterial infection.

While it can be an infection caused by small or big injuries, it does not have to be. Often times bearded dragons get tail rot because of bad keeping. Most of the times this happens during shedding.

Dead skin can´t fall off the tail because of feeding that is lacking in variety or too low humidity. Here is how to get the humidity right easily.

Often times you can see bearded dragons with rotten toes or tails in pet shops. Some pet shops have way too many baby bearded dragons in one tank and then the animals start to bite each other.

That is why you can see so many babys with weird looking tails there. Here is a checklist of what you should be aware of when buying a new baby bearded dragon.

Bearded Dragon Tail Rot Symptoms

So I already talked about the symptoms but I want to name them again so you have a better overview here. The affected parts get darker and darker and they look and are very dry. The tip of the tail looks broken it will eventually fall off if not treated correctly.How to treat tail rot in bearded dragons

Here Is How You Treat Tail Rot

Okay this is the part that is really hard for me because I know that you might want a quick solution without going to the vet. I know it from experience. Back in the day I always avoided going to the vet because it was so time consuming and they charge a fortune just for having a quick look at your reptile.

However, here is the deal: by not going to the vet, you can make it worse and it can happen that your bearded dragon loses its tail or its toes.

As I said in the beginning, this disease can also kill your reptile! I am pretty sure this is not what you want so going to the vet should always the number one solution for every disease in your bearded dragon, okay? Cool!

For all the other people who do not have the money at the moment, here is what you can do now:

Have a look at the video below on bearded dragon tail rot treatment. So far this is the only reasonable advice I can give you if the tail rot is at an early state.

This won´t help you if a huge part of the tail is affected, only if you catch the disease early – and even if you catch the disease early, there is no guarantee that this helps.

I really hope this video helps you, but as I said, going to the vet is always the better decision. If you need the remedy the guy in the video showed you, you can get it here.

Bearded Dragon Tail Rot Surgery Cost

Well, I know that you might want to know how much a surgery is if your bearded dragon really needs it. It always depends on your location and how bad the disease already is.

Prices can vary from $40 to $300. Sometimes you just need some antibiotics. Sometimes the tail has to be lasered off. Another good reason to visit the vet rather too early then too late.


As I said in the beginning, tail rot in is not a joke same as having a rotting finger is not a joke. I mean who wants to lose a finger? If you think your dragon could suffer from it, act quick and take your dragon to the vet.

If you have any questions about bearded dragon tail rot just leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

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