Should Bearded Dragons Drink Tap Water?

Can Bearded Dragons Drink Tap Water?Just like other animals, bearded dragons need access to fresh water. But a natural question to ask is; can bearded dragons drink the water from the tap as we do? Well, let’s answer this question and find out.

Can Bearded dragons drink tap water? The answer is yes, bearded dragons can drink tap water. But filtered bottled water may be better for them since some chemicals will be removed. It’s always better to use a water conditioner for reptiles to protect your bearded dragon for getting sick.

Let’s have a look at this topic in more detail so that you can understand the best way to look after your bearded dragon.

Bearded Dragons and Tap Water

The problem with tap water is that so many chemicals are added to it without us knowing what exactly they are. It’s these chemicals that could be dangerous for your bearded dragon. This includes fluoride and chlorine, as well as metals. But who knows what else could be in there that is harmful to reptiles.

We just don’t know how much is available in the water from the tap and a lot of people don’t realize these chemicals could be harmful. While it may be safe for humans to drink tap water, it can’t be guaranteed that it’s fine for reptiles to drink.

So, what’s the best thing you can do to be on the safe side? We’d recommend using a water conditioner in your tap water. This can help to make the water safe for your bearded dragon by detoxifying the water from any harmful chemicals.

This can easily be purchased online, as well as be available in your local pet store. For example, you can use Reptisafe (you can get it here).

You may also like to use filtered bottle water and offer this to your bearded dragon to drink. This is probably going to be better than tap water, depending on where you live, as the filter removes some of the harmful chemicals so they don’t drink them.

But again, we’d recommend using a water conditioner and not take any risks. They’re designed especially for reptiles like the bearded dragon. It’s always better to be on the safe side and know you’ve done everything you can to help your reptile.

Do Bearded Dragons Need Fresh Water in Their Tank?

You may be wondering whether bearded dragons really need access to fresh water all the time. After all, they live in the scorching hot and dry desert in the Australian outback. There’s not exactly a lot of what available!

Well, the answer is yes, they do need a water source and this is particularly important when they’re being kept as pets.

Bearded dragons mostly get their water from insects and plants in the wild. But when they’re a pet, they do need a source of water in their environment to help them stay hydrated and healthy.

Of course, this water should be kept fresh and clean and made available to them all throughout the day, every day. The best time to change the water is in the morning. But since bearded dragons are referred to as free-roaming reptiles, you may have to change the water several times a day as it can get dirty.

They are known to defecate and drag in food if their water bowl is the right size for them. In addition, if the bowl is big enough, they often like to bathe in water. So, keeping it clean is essential for their health.Is Tap Water Okay For Bearded Dragons?

Bearded Dragons and Water Bowls

Most bearded dragon owners give their reptile a water bowl. There are a lot of designs available but the most important thing is that it is shallow enough for them to reach it but without becoming dangerous.

It’s important to remember that your bearded dragon will not naturally know how to drink out of a water bowl. In the wild, they often drink from water that is moving and so they don’t recognize water that stays still. This means that you will have to train them to understand that this is a water source that they can take advantage of.

Most likely, your bearded dragon will need some encouragement because they don’t understand what the water is for. You can easily use a tiny bit of fruit juice to make the water smell sweet and attract them to the spot to drink.

Just make sure that it is only a little fruit juice and that it is mostly diluted with water. For example, you can use a drop of strawberry, apple or papaya juice (more on that here). Once your bearded dragon learns it can drink this water, you can eventually stop diluting it with something sweet.

Once they understand, they will know that this can help them stay hydrated.

Clean Out the Bowl

You want to make sure that your bearded dragon is drinking out of a clean water bowl every day. This can reduce the risk of harmful bacteria growing on it and making your bearded dragon it. The best way to do this is with a mild detergent or reptile cleaner.

This will make sure it is safe to use for your pet. Just be sure that it is fully rinsed out before serving more water to your bearded dragon.

Signs of Dehydration in Bearded Dragons

The last thing you want is for your bearded dragon to become dehydrated. This can make them feel sick and it can even be fatal in some cases. It’s essential that you watch out for signs of dehydration so that you can do something about it.

If you do think your bearded dragon is badly dehydrated, it’s best to contact a veterinarian as soon as possible for help.

So, what are some of the signs your bearded dragon may be dehydrated? Well, some common signals to watch out for are a lack of appetite, lethargy and sunken eyes. But a good test that you can do to see if your bearded dragon is dehydrated is the skin pinch test.

This is when you use your fingers to pinch their skin. If the skin rolls back quickly, they are healthy. But if the sign doesn’t do this, this may indicate they haven’t been getting enough water. This means that a trip to the veterinarian is necessary straight away.

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Related Questions

What other things can I do to hydrate my bearded dragon? Feeding some insects, vegetables, and fruits can be good for your bearded dragon. They contain some moisture. You can also mist them with water for a little more hydration. Every little helps your bearded dragon stay happy and healthy!

Are there certain foods I shouldn’t feed my bearded dragon? Some of the foods that can make your reptile very ill or even have fatal consequences including avocados, rhubarb, and fireflies. They are toxic and poisonous to your bearded dragon. Avoid them at all costs.

Are wild insects safe to feed my bearded dragons? We don´t recommend feeding your reptile wild insects as they can be harmful for your pet. It’s always best to head to your local pet store and pick up some insects that you know are safe for your bearded dragon. They can be dead or alive.

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