Can Bearded Dragons Go Outside? Is This A Good Idea?

Can Bearded Dragons Go OutsideHave you ever thought about taking your bearded dragon with you outside? I mean, sometimes bearded dragons look really bored inside their tank, right? So the question is, can bearded dragons go outside?

With temperatures above or around 77 °F outside, bearded dragon definitely can go outside. They enjoy the natural sunlight, but the owner has to protect the bearded dragon from predators like birds and other dangers.

So now that you know that you can take your bearded dragon outside, let me tell you a little bit more about doing that and how you can make sure that it will be an awesome experience for your bearded dragon.

Can Bearded Dragons Go Outside?

Yes, bearded dragons can definitely go outside and the natural sunlight is really good for them. However, you have to make sure that it is not too cold outside.

Low temperatures can cause lung inflammation and other diseases in bearded dragons. That does not mean that your bearded dragon will immediately die when it is exposed to lower temperatures than 77 °F (25°C).

Still, exposing your bearded dragon to low temperatures constantly will cause sickness in your bearded dragon.

Do Bearded Dragons Like To Go Outside?

That depends on where you are going to take your bearded dragon and what kind of preparations you have made.

First of all, bearded dragons enjoy the sunlight and if you live in a sunny and warm area, there is nothing better than giving your bearded dragon the opportunity to get some real sun instead of the fake sun inside a terrarium.

The sun provides everything a bearded dragon needs at the same time. Heat, light and UVB to produce vitamin D.

Can I Take My Bearded Dragon Out In Public?

Some people might even have the desire to take their bearded dragon out in public. Maybe you already have seen people walking their bearded dragons in a park. Yes, that is a new trend and I do not really know where we are going with this.

I mean, are we already living in the future where people do not walk dogs anymore? Instead they walk reptiles? Lol!

Back to the question, you can take your bearded dragon out in public, but it depends on your bearded dragon. Is your bearded dragon relaxed and not easily scared? Then it is probably okay to take it out in public.

However, if your bearded dragon is easily scared, even taking it out in your garden can be a huge hurdle for your bearded dragon and you should definitely do small steps here. Otherwise it might be too much for your bearded dragon.

Can I Take My Bearded Dragon For A Walk?

As I said, people are starting to take their bearded dragon for a walk, but is that really okay? Are their small bodys even tough enough for a harness and a leash or could you hurt them with that?

Actually, bearded dragons are pretty tough and it takes more than a harness and a leash to really hurt a bearded dragon. On the other side, you can´t really walk a bearded dragon like you walk a dog.

Having your bearded dragon on a leash is more for making sure that it is not able to escape, but you can´t really walk around the block with your bearded dragon. Just follow your bearded dragon and never pull on the leash.

Yes, bearded dragons are tough, but pulling the leash could cause some damage.

Besides all that, you should know your bearded dragon before doing that. Is your bearded dragon calm in every situation? Then a walk on a leash, won´t be a problem for it. Bearded dragons that are nervous could freak out and pull on the leash like crazy.

They could even hurt themselves while doing that.

If you want to know what a good leash for bearded dragons is, I recommend to read my article on bearded dragon leashes. Not every leash is really good for a bearded dragon and you should make sure that you get a good one so that your bearded dragon can´t hurt itself or escape.

My Bearded Dragon Freaks Out Outside

Many bearded dragons and other reptiles freak out when they go outside. This is most probably, because everything is so huge as opposed to their small terrarium.

In addition to that, you should not forget that bearded dragons have great eyes. They can even see objects far away clearly. What I mean with that is that they see birds and other predators clearly and most probably earlier than you.

As soon as a bearded dragon sees a bird or something that could be a potential threat, it will run for cover and you have to deal with that.

It is a normal instinct in bearded dragons to be scared by shadows.

Actually, bearded dragons have a third eye with which they can sense shadows and light. So every shadow could lead to a freak out, since it could be a bird above them. If you want to learn more about the third eye, click here to read a complete article on it.

What You Can Do To Calm Your Bearded Dragon Down

The first thing you have to do is being patient. It can take a while until your bearded dragon gets used to being outside and if your bearded dragon is scared easily you should never take it where dogs or other humans could be.

All that would be too much stress for your bearded dragon and you should definitely avoid that.

Further you should stay near trees or bushes with your bearded dragon if you have it on a leash. Bearded dragons feel much safer if they have some cover nearby and will be more relaxed.

Always show your bearded dragon the same spots so that it can get used to the environment. If you have a garden, besides a bush in the grass would be the perfect spot to put your bearded dragon on the ground for the first time.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a couple of questions that you and many other bearded dragons have in this situation. Let me answer those questions for you and if you still have a question, leave a message in the comment section at the bottom of this article.

Can Bearded Dragons Get Sick Outside?

So besides too low temperatures which could lead to lung inflammation, there are other threats you should be aware of.

You should take your bearded dragon to a vet on a regular base if you like to take your bearded dragon outside. There is a lot of dirt, bacteria and even parasites outside that your bearded dragon could get.

Parasites are no joke and they drain your bearded dragon´s energy. Your bearded dragon could even die from that. Sending a stool sample to your reptile vet on a regular base is the best thing you can do.

I recommend to do that every 6 to 12 months or if your bearded dragon seems to be sick.

Can Bearded Dragons Live Outside?

With the right outdoor temperature during day and night and with an escape-proof enclosure, bearded dragons can definitely live outside. The enclosure has to have a lot of hides and must offer protection from predators.


Can bearded dragons go outside? They definitely can and if you live in a sunny area, I even want to encourage you to give your bearded dragon the possibility to get some natural sunlight.

Just make sure that your bearded dragon stays relaxed and don´t take it to public places first.

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