Do Bearded Dragons Recognize Their Owners?

Do Bearded Dragons Recognize Their Owners?You ever walk into your room, and your bearded dragon just runs to the glass to see you? Is that a coincidence, or is there something more behind this action? This article will take a close look at whether or not bearded dragons know who is taking care of them,

Do bearded dragons recognize their owners? Yes, bearded dragons do recognize and react to their owner’s voice. They also like to be touched. Most often, beardies are known for being calm in demeanor and don’t mind being handled when done so correctly. Many owners report their beardies showing recognition when they speak or enter the room.

Now you know that bearded dragons do, in fact, recognize their owners. It is truly a fantastic thing, and to learn more about how you can create a great bond with your bearded dragon, keep on reading. He will be greeting you before you know it!

Signs Your Beardie Recognizes You

Here are some signs your dragon has gotten to know you, and that they recognize you. 

  • The bearded dragon rushes over to the glass to greet you when you enter the room. 
  • The bearded dragon turns his head in your direction when you begin talking. 
  • The bearded dragon does not shy away from you when you reach your hand into the habitat for holding or feeding. 

If one or all of these things are happening between you and your bearded dragon, this is a good sign that he or she feels a great bond with you and recognizes you as a non-threat. 

Don’t despair if this isn’t happening for you and your dragon, though. Remember, all bearded dragons are different. We will go over some ways now in which you can bond with your beardie. 

Method 1: Have Patience

When you are new at school or a new job or learning a new skill, you like it when your teacher, boss, or friend is patient with you. After all, newbies make mistakes, and that is to be expected.

Your dragon wants the same from you. Bearded dragons are not like some other animals, like dogs, who can instantly become friends with their owners. They need your patience and cooperation just as you expect when learning something new.

Thus, when you are first learning how to handle your bearded dragon, and feed them, and clean their habitat – give them some time. Your hands are a foreign object to them, and learning they are not a threat can take a while.

So, just take it slow. Offer up small treats when you come near the habitat. My beardie enjoys the occasional blueberry, and I like giving them to her because they are small, compact treats I can easily dole out on occasion.

She looks forward to seeing me because sometimes she gets a juicy berry. Other times I talk to her as I clean the habitat. Treats are great because they get your dragon to associate fun with seeing you. (Make sure to keep fruits to a minimum, though!)do bearded dragons recognize their owners?

Method 2: Be There for Them

When somebody is there for you consistently, and you see them every day, you mostly come to recognize them as somebody you can trust and rely on. 

It’s why we feel comfortable when we see our partners, friends, moms, dads, and others.

Your bearded dragon feels the same way about you also. Having a consistent presence and being somebody who is always friendly and respectful to the bearded dragon, they will get used to you and see you as somebody they can trust. 

You might have to get a little silly with this: Talk and sing or show funny videos to your dragon. Basically, treat them as a friend.

Tell them about what happened at school or about how you will be cleaning their cage in a few moments. Show them a meme. I know it sounds cheesy, but they WILL get to know you!

Method 3: Take It Slow with Handling

Sure your dragon is cute, and you want to reach right in and scoop them up right away. However, you have to make sure you are going at their pace, not yours!

Start by moving your hand into the enclosure nice and slow. Make sure the beardie is not afraid of your hands. It takes time to complete because you want to give them time to adjust to your hands, to realize they are no threat.

You just want to make sure you are not overloading your bearded dragon with too much stimuli.

After your dragon comes to see you as a non-threat, just hold them for a few moments. Ten minutes is fine. Gently set them back into the enclosure.

The next day, try 15 minutes. Then work to 20. Work your way up to a half-hour. Make sure you keep them close so that they can stay warm.

Method 4: Be Understanding When Your Dragon Is Aggressive

Sometimes we get upset at the people we love, and we yell at them or snap at them. We still love them, but we just reacted to the situation.

Your bearded dragon does the same thing. There will be times when your dragon hisses, puffs, has a black beard, or tries to bite at your fingers.

But your goal is not to get discouraged. Your dragon doesn’t know they can trust you just yet. Thus, it is a good idea to just be understanding and keep coming back to your dragon day after day, even if they get a little upset at you at times. They’re just learning to trust you.

During this period, respect your dragon and talk to them as you calm them down. Tell them it is going to be OK. It works because they get to know your voice and also as somebody who will not fight them.

Once they are calmed down, offer a small treat or food by hand. It will help the dragon know you are friendly.

Method 5: Offer Enrichment

You can do enrichment activities outside of the habitat with your dragon to strengthen the bond you and your reptile have.

You can put your beardie on a dragon leash and allow them time to walk outside in a safe place, like your backyard (just make sure the grass and plants haven’t been treated with pesticides). You can watch TV or movies with your dragon while he sits on you.

You can offer little toys for them to play with. My dragon likes ping pong balls, for example. Just make sure you never leave your bearded dragon unsupervised as you entertain and play with them.

Of course, your bearded dragon won’t be interested in watching TV or some stuff like that, but the more time you spend with your dragon in different situations, the more your dragon will get used to you.

Your Bearded Dragon Doesn’t Like You No Matter What You Do?

Have you tried to bond with your bearded dragon for months now, but nothing seems to work? Is your bearded dragon always aggressive or kind of skittish when you approach or try to handle him or her?

Well, some beardies bond slower than others. Some beardies are just more into “cuddling” than others. However, it could also be the following:

Maybe you have a communication problem.

What I mean by that is, maybe your bearded dragon is trying to tell you something the whole time, but you don’t understand what your beardie is trying to say.

Bearded dragons have a clear body language that is so much more than just hiding or hissing. By looking at your beardie’s behavior, you can find out so many things.

  • You can find out if the tank might be too hot or too cold.
  • You can find out if your bearded dragon is healthy or if there could be an upcoming health problem.
  • You can find out if your bearded dragon is ready for handling or not.

There is so much more you can find out, but the problem is that only a few people are actually able to read a beardie’s body language. Most people are just guessing and, well, they guess wrong and end up with a beardie that doesn’t want to bond.

To help you understand your beardie and be able to answer appropriately, we have created an ebook on the beardie body language.

This book will help you reading a beardie’s body language, spotting diseases early, taming, and so much more! Have a look at the book here!


Bearded dragons absolutely know their owners. Many bearded dragons get excited by coming up to the glass when their owners come into the room or come by with some food.

The key to getting your dragon excited about seeing you and recognizing you is to consistently spend time with them, talk to them, and of course, be very patient with them as they get to know you.

Before you know it, you and your dragon will be inseparable. All it takes is a little investment on your part!

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