This website was made to make sure that you get the best bearded dragon tank for your budget.

Whether you need a terrarium for your baby bearded dragon, for your adult bearded dragon or for several bearded dragons in one cage, this site will make sure that you get the most value per dollar spent.

If you love bearded dragons, you probably want to have one as soon as you can. However you can´t just buy a dragon, put it in your pocket and walk around with it. Bearded dragons come from Australia, that means they are used to very high temperatures.

So that means, you definitely will need a bearded dragon cage with the right lighting, the right substrate, plants and of course with the right terrarium.

When I was a total beginner when it comes to reptiles, setting up the cage was the hardest. I had to do a lot of research. Unfortunately I did a lot of mistakes in the beginning and sadly my little reptile friend died because of my mistakes.

Of course that was a terrible experience for me when I was younger. I felt feelings of guilt and I did not want to have any reptiles anymore, since I feared it would happen again.

I know that a lot of people make the same mistakes as I did and I do not want you to experience the same as me, so I want to help you to set up your terrarium!

What you should know

You should know that I have experience for many years now. Bearded dragons are one of my favourite reptile breed and I just love them.

When it comes to setting up a terrarium for my bearded dragons, I like to keep it natural. Choose your budget and you will get a complete bearded dragon tank, ready for your dragon!

If you have any questions about anything, just leave a comment below or below any given post/ page within the site and will get back to you quickly!

All the best,


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