How Big Do Corn Snakes Get? Why It Doesn´t Really Matter

How Big Do Corn Snakes GetDo you want to get a corn snake or did you even already got a corn snake and you are now asking yourself how big they get? Maybe you are afraid that these snakes get too big. So big that you don´t know if you have the courage to still handle them?

Maybe you are just worried, because you want to get this snake for a child in your family. Or you are just worried about the tank size they need, because you don´t have that much space in your room/ house.

There are tons of different reasons why this should be important to you, but in the end, it doesn´t really matter. Why? Well, I am going to explain this to you in this article. This article will show you how big corn snakes get, what tank size they need and everything else you should know about their size.

How Big Do Corn Snakes Get

So how big do they get? That depends on a lot of different factors. First of all, females get bigger than males. Females can get become 5.9 ft long and males can get 4.6 ft long. However, as I said, they CAN get that long.

The truth is that a 5.9 ft long female is the longest corn snake I have heard of.

Actually I rarely see corn snakes that get over 4.6 ft. I can´t explain why, maybe the snakes here aren´t that big (but I doubt it). Maybe most corn snake keepers fib a little bit when it comes to corn snake size.

Besides that, it really takes very long for your corn snake to reach that size. When your corn snake is one year old it will be most probably around 2.2 ft long. Compared to the a size of 10 inches, which is the average size of a freshly hatched corn snake, this is a huge difference.

From that point on, however, your corn snake will really slow down when it comes to growth. With 5 years old, you corn snake may have reached a length of 3.9 ft. That varies, of course.

If you are worried that this snake might get too big for you or for the person you want to get a corn snake for, don´t worry about it. As you see, corn snakes really grow slowly and most of them do not get that big.

If you are worried about getting bitten, I can only say that they have a pretty small head, with small teeth for a snake of that size and their bites don´t really hurt if they bite at all. (Most of them just don´t bite)

That´s one reason why their size doesn´t really matter.corn snake size

What Is The Best Corn Snake Tank Size?

And here comes the other reason why their size doesn´t really matter. Corn snakes do not need a huge tank. Don´t get me wrong here, bigger is always better, but most of the times a tank that is 36 inches in length and height is sufficent.

Corn snakes do climb a lot, that´s why it is very important to give them the possibility to do so. So I highly recommend to get a tank that´s tall as well. I like this tank very much, because it has a great ventilation system.

However, you might rather want to keep your corn snake in a plastic box – that´s okay, too.

If that´s the case, I recommend to get this plastic box for your corn snake. It will be big enough for probably a year and it is totally inexpensive.

I said it above, corn snakes do not grow fast after their first year, that´s why you can get a smaller tank at the beginning and whenever you need it, get a new, bigger enclosure for your corn snake. The rule of thumb is that the enclosure should be as long as the snake. This way the snake is able to stretch in the enclosure, which is very important to avoid any health problems.

How To Make Sure That Your Corn Snake Grows Well

The growth of your corn snake depends on genetics and on the feeding. Most people think that you shouldn´t feed your snake to seldom and this is absolutely right, but you shouldn´t feed your corn snake to often either.

In fact it can be more harmful to feed your snake too often. You might think that your snake is full after one mouse, but your snake will eat whenever you offer food. That´s their natural instinct. So I recommend to feed every 7 to 10 days.


Most corn snake do not get as big as most people say they get. In fact, most corn snakes will not even get 40 inches long and that is absolutely okay as long as the snake is healthy. Even though corn snake are said to be a middle-sized snake, most of them are rather small and that´s why you don´t have to get a huge enclosure.

At the end the size doesn´t really matter at all. They are known for being great beginner snakes, because they are pretty hardy and very friendly. No need to be afraid of the bite of a big snake here. Read: how bad is a corn snake bite?

I really hope that this article was helpful to you. If you have any questions, leave a message in the comment section below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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