How To Tell A Bearded Dragon´s Gender – Two Easy Methods

How To Tell Your Bearded Dragons GenderDo you know those couples that get a baby and they do not want to know if it is going to be a boy or a girl? Yes? Well, do you understand them? Because I don´t!

Same with bearded dragons – of course you want to know if you have a little Daenerys or a little Drogo.   (Sorry, I could not resist, I´m so geeky at the moment.)

Anyway, no matter what you think of couples that do not want to know if they get a boy or a girl, you are here because you want to know how to tell if your bearded dragon is a male or a female.You came to the right place – I got your answer.

At What Age Can You Tell a Bearded Dragon´s Gender?

Did you know that many pet shops (not all of them) sell reptiles without knowing the gender but pretending to know it?

Happened to me when I got my Pantherchameleon. They sold it as a male, but it was a female.So if you bought a baby bearded dragon and the guy in the pet shop told you the gender, he probably lied to you.

You can start to guess the gender around  the age of 6 to 8 months. If you want to be 99% sure you need to wait over a year.

There are some very experienced bearded dragon owners who can guess the gender earlier, but those people are rare. By the way: you can detect males a little bit earlier then to tell if my bearded dragon is a boy or a girl

How To Tell If My Bearded Dragon Is A Boy Or A Girl?

Unfortunately we can´t ask our little dragons if they are a boy or a girl, that´s why we have to grab them and have a look.

With these two methods telling the gender of your bearded dragon is a breeze.

Method 1

As I already said, go and grab your bearded dragon, gently of course, and lift your beardies tail up. Be very gentle here, as you could hurt your bearded dragon.

Do not bend the tail more than 90 degrees. Most of them do not like this procedure and try to get away from you, so be prepared.

If you lift the tail up you will see right over the cloaca that there is

  • a) One bumb – which is a female
  • b) Two bumbs next to one another (the hemipenes) – which would be a male

Method 2

Sometimes, especially when it is your first bearded dragon or even your first reptile, it is not that easy to tell if there is really only one bumb or if there are two bumbs.

Well, Method 2 leaves no questions unanswered.

Basically you have to do the same as in Method 1, grab your bearded dragon and lift the tail up.

However, for this method you need a flashlight. Hold the flashlight behind the tail, pointing in your direction to shine through the tail (It is like egg candling).

You can see the tail´s red flesh, but right above the cloaca there is either a dark spot or two dark lines.

The dark spot would be a female and the two dark lines would be a male.


Well, it is a little bit hard to describe. If you are confused, don´t worry! Here is a video which explains everything perfectly.

Here Is A Fact You Did Not Know!

Did you know that male bearded dragons sometimes disguise as females if they live in a cage with another male bearded dragon which is physically superior?

If it does this his two bumbs look just like only one bumb and you would always think you have a female.

It sounds weird but this is pretty good for you as a bearded dragon owner and for the bearded dragons.

Because otherwise your dragons would attack each other since they do not accept other males in their territory most of the times. If you need more facts, just have a look at this article!

So, I really hope that I could help you with this article on sexing bearded dragons. After all it was not that hard right?

Do you have a boy or a girl? Tell me about in the comment section below and if you have any questions don´t hesitate to leave me a comment. I will answer as soon as possible!


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