The 10 Most Awesome Bearded Dragon Costumes You Have Ever Seen

Bearded Dragon Costumes

A lot of people who want to own a reptile decide to go with a bearded dragon and let´s face it … bearded dragon owners (me included) are a little bit different from normal people.

Most of us love dinosaurs, dragons and weird creatures in general and I guess that´s why we got a bearded dragon, right?

Further a lot of us are geeky (me included). Star Wars or Star Trek is our religion, we love series, we watch Game Of Thrones, Sons Of Anarchy and The Walking Dead all night.

What happens when geeks like us decide that our very dangerous, huge dragons should be a little more like us? Right! We decide to create some really cool bearded dragon costumes!

To be honest, I think 3 weeks ago I did not even know that stuff like bearded dragon costumes exist. Here in Germany nobody would buy those costumes for their bearded dragons, since everybody here tends to only observe their bearded dragon and handle them as little as possible.

Fortunately in the U.S. people like to handle their bearded dragons more often. They cuddle and play with them, which is absolutely great and of course, that´s also great because otherwise nobody would create those awesome costumes for bearded dragons.

Okay enough about geeky stuff and german culture. I bet you only want to see those extremely creative and gorgeous customes and you want to know where to get them. Don´t worry I did my research for you …and while I did my research I think I bought 6 bearded dragon outfits, lol.

Here Is My Top 10 Beardie Costume List

All of the bearded dragon clothes below are handmade and from the U.S. but fortunately they ship to a lot of other countries. Otherwise I would not have been able to buy them. Click on the image to see more pictures of the costumes you like.

​The Great Whiteshark-costume-for-bearded-dragons

There are a lot of trash movies where sharks are the dangerous creatures that terrify some teenagers. You can see sharks in a supermarket, sharks in tornados, two headed sharks, but have you ever seen a dragon shark? No? Well, here it is and I bet it is almost killing you with cuteness! Absolutely amazing costume.

The Black Swan?tutu

Bearded dragons are not elegant? Those days have passed. For everyone who owns a bearded dragon with a secret passion for ballet, here comes the dragon tutu. …If your bearded dragon really has a passion for ballet please email me… no, seriously the world needs to know that.


Did your bearded dragon just graduate from college? No problem! With this costume your bearded dragon is ready for the big day …. hmmmm, they grow up so fast, don´t they?

Clint Beardwoodcowboy-costume-for-bearded-dragons

Yes, it is a cowboy dress. No, it does not come with a little gun, BUT the vest comes with a little sheriff´s star. Just click on the image to see the other pictures. There you can see the star. Ah and the vest is probably bullet proof… just saying.

The Bearded Dragon Knightknight-costume

A bearded dragon dressep up as a knight is ready to defend your home, which is your castle and ready to kill evil dragons…. Wait, what?

Beardess Leiaprincess-leia-costume-for-bearded-dragons

Star Wars fans get your hands up! Your bearded dragon can now be Princess Leia, I mean how amazing is that? It is almost like Princess Leia is sitting in a terrarium in your house, holy Yoda! I´m telling you, my asthma inhaler was used after finding this costume. I´m such a Star Wars fanboy.

Luke Beardwalkerluke-skywalker-costume-for-bearded-dragons

A Luke Skywalker costume for beardies? Wouldn´t it be great if you could pick up your dragon and say: “Beardie, I am your owner!” after you slashed it´s hand… no, stop! Do not do that!

The Wedding-Ready Dragonwedding-ready

I really had to laugh when I saw this costume. The idea itself is funny as hell, but when you see how perfect this bearded dragon in this costume looks, it is soo hilarious. Another awesome costume!

The Dragon From Hawaiibearded-dragon-hawaii-costume

In my opinion a perfect costume for our little dragons. Beardies are so calm and relaxed. I am really starting to believe that bearded dragons must be from Hawaii. Can you imagine how it would look when your bearded dragon does a head bob in this costume? lol.


This is a very simple costume, … can we even say costume to this? Whatever! In my opinion this is one of the best costumes I have seen. It is just a collar, but I think it fits sooo good.

What to do if my dragon is too skittish for that?

Normally bearded dragons are pretty calm right from the start. I once had a bearded dragon that jumped on my hand when I purchased it from the breeder.

However there are some individuals that are more shy and do not want to wear costumes, leashes or harnesses. There are definitely ways to get your dragon used to the costume.

I always do it like this: If I purchase new costumes for bearded dragons, a leash, a harness, or any other new thing I want my bearded dragon to get used to, I just place that object near the terrarium of my bearded dragon.

I think I mentioned this technique pretty often in my articles, but I do that, because it is so effective. After a couple of days near that object, your bearded dragon will get used to it and you won´t have such a hard time to put it on your dragon.

Always remember, if your bearded dragon absolutely do not want to put the costume on and completely freaks out, you should respect that. Reptiles can get stressed easily and that can cause health problems and I am sure that is not what you want.

However most of you won´t have any problems putting the costume on, since your beardies are probably calm as hell, lol.

What do you think about bearded dragons in costumes?

Are you also a little bit geeky and bought some costumes for your dragon? Which one did you buy? Which one is the best in your opinion? Tell me about it in the comments below!

Hope this article was fun for you and that you enjoyed looking at bearded dragons in costumes 🙂

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