Most beginner bearded dragon owners... end up with a dead or sick pet within a couple of months!

Beardie Care Ebook Bundle

Looking for information on bearded dragon care online can be absolutely confusing and exhausting...

Here are a few questions you might have already asked yourself: What is the right tank size? What do I need for the perfect lighting setup? How to tell if my bearded dragon is sick? How do I feed my bearded dragon correctly? There is so much new stuff to learn and if you look online it seems that there are 100 different opinions on each topic!

"Caring for a bearded dragon doesn't have to be a stressful, confusing experience. Our Beardie Care Ebook Bundle will show you everything you need to know to take fantastic care of your bearded dragon!"

This is for you if...

  • have picked up your bearded dragon from a pet store or breeder but you don't feel well-advised and you want to know how to take perfect care of your new dragon friend. 
  • want to get a bearded dragon for yourself, a family member, or a friend, and be properly prepared.
  • are worried all the time about your bearded dragon but searching for the right information online makes you even more nervous and confused.
  • want to avoid buying the tank, lighting, and other equipment twice, because you bought the wrong products at first.
  • ... setting up a bearded dragon tank, getting the right temperature, humidty, etc., is just confusing, and you want to learn how to set all that up now the easy way.
  • ... you feel insecure about your bearded dragon's diet, your bearded dragon is refusing to eat greens, and you feed mostly mealworms because that's what your beardie likes most.
  • ... you are keeping two bearded dragons in one tank and think your bearded dragons are fine.
  • don´t want to lose your beloved bearded dragon because of unknowingness like most first time reptile owners do.

Want to know what our ebook bundle has to offer? Here are the skills and the knowledge you are going to acquire!

Set up a proper bearded dragon tank

We show you what you need to set up a proper bearded dragon habitat. We show you everything from tank type, to lighting, to substrate, to decorations, and more.

Temperature Guide

Our ebook bundle will show you what temperature zones you need in your bearded dragon tank, what you need to create them, and how to measure those temperatures properly

Humidity Guide

Too high, or too low humidity can result in health problems in bearded dragons. We show you what you can do to lower or increase the humdity in your tank

Reptile tank cleaning guide

Reptile tanks have to be cleaned from time to time to avoid bad smell and parasites. We explain how and when to clean your beardie tank.

Learn the bearded dragon language

Our ebook will show you what aggression, submission, mating, and territorial behavior in bearded dragons looks like.

How to tell if your bearded dragon is sick

Learn by looking at your bearded dragon's behavior, body, and fecals to know if he/she needs medical help.

Tame the dragon

We included our 3-Step taming plan + we show you how to handle your bearded dragon properly, and how to avoid bites.

How to help a sick bearded dragon

Gain knowledge about the most common (and most feared) diseases in bearded dragons, and learn what you can do to help.

Keep your dragon stress-free

How to tell if a bearded dragon is stressed and what to avoid in order to not stress your beardie.

Brumation Guide

Brumation is a very confusing topic for most beardie owners. Our ebook will show you everything you need to know, and how to make sure that your bearded dragon can brumate perfectly!

Bearded Dragon Eggs

Prevent your female bearded dragon from becoming eggbound; learn why your female dragon is laying so many eggs even without a partner, and more!

Shedding Guide

Learn how to make sure that your bearded dragon is able to shed perfectly, and what to do if your dragon seems to need some help with the old skin.

Bearded Dragon Diet Guide

It doesn't matter how old your bearded dragon is, we show you how to feed your bearded dragon properly, what to feed, and when to feed. We also show you how to keep a bearded dragon hydrated without causing diarrhea.

Gut-loading Guide

Simply feeding feeder insects isn't enough. You have to gut-load them so that your beardie gets enough vitamins. We will show you how!

Bearded Dragon baths

Do you know how often or when you should bath a bearded dragon? No? Absolutely no problem, we show you what you need to know.

How to make a bearded dragon eat greens

If your bearded dragon is refusing to eat greens, there is probably something wrong. Our ebook will show you why your bearded dragon is refusing to eat greens and how to make your beardie eat greens within 7 days!


Sometimes you just want to have a quick answer. We have created a bonus ebook with frequently asked questions about bearded dragon behavior and health that you can use when you just want the answer now!

BONUS: Huge Shopping List!

We are not only telling you how to set up your bearded dragon tank, or how to use supplements correctly, we also show you the exact products we like using for our tanks!

BONUS: 3 Food Lists

You are wondering what greens you can feed your bearded dragon?  What feeder insects are the best? These three lists contain over 100 foods that you can feed your bearded dragon unhesitatingly, feed ocassionally, or avoid completely!

Get instant access to our Beardie Care Ebook Bundle now!

Most beardie books tell you what you need to know about bearded dragons.

Our ebook bundle will tell you what you need to know about bearded dragons AND what you need to know about KEEPING bearded dragons - including specific product recommendations so that you don't end up spending money on unnecessary equipment.

Beardie Care Ebook Bundle

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We don't want your bearded dragon to suffer. Many first-time bearded dragon owners get poor advice in pet shops and hurt their bearded dragons without knowing right from the start. We want to help you and your bearded dragon so that you both can have a great time together.

Reptile keeping can be quite expensive. Let's be honest, the initial costs of getting a bearded dragon can be incredibly high, and many first-time reptile keepers have to buy the whole setup twice because they bought the wrong products in the beginning. We will show you exactly what you need to set up an appropriate beardie tank, and we show you exactly what products you need (and don't need) for that.

Information straight to the point. Keeping bearded dragons is absolutely awesome. Doing exhaustive and confusing research in forums and finding a dozen different opinions on one topic is not. We deliver the information you need to become a great beardie parent right now - straight to the point!


What other people are saying about us:

“Thank you so much for your help. At the beginning I was so worried about my Garona, but after you helped me I feel much more confident that I keep her correctly. "

Magdalena and her bearded dragon, Garona


What other people are saying about us:

"I just wanted to take the time to thank you for helping me setting up my dragon tank. Because of you I didn´t lose my little Spencer. Spencer is amazing! In the new environment he is so active, jumping around, digging through his little hides and hunting like crazy. Also, the tank looks simply amazing now!"

Eddy and his bearded dragon, Spencer

Beardie Care Ebook Bundle

What You Get - And How It Works

Here is what you will get if you order our Beardie Care Ebook Bundle:

1. Our Beardie Tank Setup Ebook

2. Our Beardie Behavior 'n' Health Ebook

3. Our Beardie Diet Ebook

4. Our Ebook "How To Make A Bearded Dragon Eat Greens Within 7 Days"

5. BONUS: FAQ Sheet on Beardie Behavior

6. BONUS: 3 Bearded Dragon Food Lists

7. Access to a frequently updated shopping list

All ebooks come in a PDF format so that you can read them on all devices and even print them out if you want. You can immediately start to read and access to your purchase will also be sent to your email address.

Try it Out 100% Risk-FREE for 30 DAYS!

You´re Protected By Our 30-Day “ I changed my mind” period.
If you don´t feel that you received at least $39 of value through our product, email us and ask for a refund.
However, we are very confident that you will experience way more value than $39, but you can decide for yourself.

why is my bearded dragon eating sand

What other people are saying about us:

"When I brought my first bearded dragon home, she was hiding all the time and I was quite worried. Pierre and his team explained to me thoroughly why she was doing that and how to know if something was wrong with her. Incredibly helpful!"


bearded dragon greens

What other people are saying about us:

"After my bearded dragon, Jezebel, could not stop laying eggs, I contacted the guys from because I was so worried. They showed me how to make laying eggs easier for her, why she was laying so many eggs so often, and more. I recommend their website, their ebooks, and services to every bearded dragon keeper I know."

Vivien and her bearded dragon, Jezebel


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Is this ebook bundle only about adult bearded dragons or juvenile dragons also?

My bearded dragon is impacted all the time. Do you also help with that?

I am afraid that my bearded dragon has metabolic bone disease. Does your ebook tell me how I can identify that and how to cure it?

I have a discount code. Where can I enter it?

Get instant access to our Beardie Care Ebook Bundle now!

Buy our ebook bundle now and get the knowledge that will help you to become a great bearded dragon parent!

Beardie Care Ebook Bundle

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