Why Do Bearded Dragons Turn Black? Here Is The Real Reason

Bearded Dragon Is Completely Black

When I first started with reptiles I thought that only Chameleons can change their color. I remember observing a huge veiled chameleon turning completely black in a pet shop.

I went to the pet shop owner to tell him that something is wrong with his chameleon, but he just laughed and told me the real reason for this color change. It was just bugged by my presence, lol.

When I got my bearded dragons and I first saw them completely black I thought they would have died. Luckily this was far from the truth. Everything was alright with my little pancake beardies. Maybe the exact same thing happened to you right now and before rushing to the vet you want to get some information on the internet.

Great that you are doing your research! The number one reason for your bearded dragon turning black really is totally harmless.(BTW: We are not talking about a black beard here!)

Why Do Bearded Dragons Turn Black? – The Number One Reason!

Without further ado, let´s get right into the truth! The number one reason for your bearded dragon turning black is simply temperature regulation.

Bearded dragons are ectothermic, which means that they regulate their body temperature with external heat sources which would be the sun in the wild, or the heat bulb in your terrarium. In captivity, your bearded dragon needs multiple climate zones inside the terrarium.

For example, one hot zone on the right side of the tank. A “normal” zone in the middle of the tank and a cool zone on the left side of the tank.

bearded dragon changes colors
So if a bearded dragon gets cold it will lie in the hot zone. If it gets too hot you might see your bearded dragon opening its mouth to regulate its temperature and after that it will most probably go to the cool zone. If you need help with your lighting, read my lighting guide!

By turning black, your bearded dragon just wants to make sure that it gets the body temperature up quickly. Most of the time you can see that in the morning. The light turns on, your bearded dragon lies there, ready in full pancake mode and completely black.

By going full pancake they create a bigger area that absorbs more of the heat. Your bearded dragon will slowly turn back to the normal color during the day. Sometimes they stay a little bit darker, sometimes they have an even lighter skin tone.

There is nothing to worry about.

Unfortunately, the reason for your bearded dragon turning black is not always this harmless.

Here are some other reason for this behavior.

Your Bearded Dragon Might Be Stressed Out

This really can be anything. If you just got your bearded dragon and it is black all the time just give it some time. Most of the time it will turn normal after a couple of days.

However, it could also be that they feel threatened by something. For example other animals that could be in sight distance of your beardie. Especially birds that sit in front of your window can freak beardies out.

How To Help A Stressed Bearded Dragon

If your bearded dragon is stressed and turns black the easiest way to help is to get some hides for your bearded dragon. I recommend to get a hide like this as it is very cheap and you can choose the size you need.

Reptile Hide Box

Click For More Images!

You should also cover the sides of the beardie tank. This way your bearded dragon doesn´t see what´s going on around the tank and it will calm down and show normal colors quickly.

Flukers Repta Vines-Pothos for Reptiles and Amphibians

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I recommend to use these plants to cover the sides of your tank. The plants make your bearded dragon feel safe inside the tank, because your beardie can also use them as hides.

Make sure that your bearded dragon eats and drinks well and that its eyes are open and looking shiny and healthy. Look for any threats that could freak your dragon out. If your dragon does not turn normal it could be one of the next reasons.

Your Lighting Is Not Sufficient

This happens to all of us. Especially as a beginner. Most people just do not know what the correct lighting for bearded dragons is and I totally understand that. There is so much information on the internet which is downright confusing. To make sure that your lighting is sufficient, read my beardie lighting guide here!

There is one simple rule when it comes to lighting if your temperature and UVB is set up correctly: If you have enough hides for your bearded dragon, there is never enough light for a bearded dragon tank!

Seriously, they love bright light!

Why is my bearded dragon turning black?

Is Your Bearded Dragon Sick?

In most cases there is no need to panic, but on the other side it is never too early to visit the vet. Your bearded dragon could be sick. However, just turning black is not an indication for an illness. Here are a couple of symptoms your bearded dragon might show if a disease really is a factor.

Okay, I think that this is enough of the negative stuff. As I said in most cases your bearded dragon is just enjoying the sun, happy and healthy.

However, never feel bad for going to the vet too early. It could save your bearded dragon´s life!

So I think that I answered your question: Why do bearded dragons turn black? I hope you weren´t as shocked as I was when I first saw my bearded dragons completely black! 🙂

Any questions? Any stories? Leave a comment in the comment section below!

Before you leave!

Since I receive many comments and emails from bearded dragon owners that tell me that their bearded dragon is refusing to eat greens, I decided to help with this issue.

What most bearded dragon owners do not know is that a bearded dragon that does not eat greens might be sick or is on the best way to getting sick.

Bearded dragons are omnivores, which means that they eat anything they can find in the wild. The problem that most bearded dragons are picky when it comes to food only arouses due to bad husbandry.

If your bearded dragon is refusing to eat greens, and maybe even only accepts mealworms as food, I highly recommend that you get my ebook: How To Make Your Bearded Dragon Eat Greens Within 7 Days!

After going through the steps outlined in the ebook I will personally check on you and your beardie via email and will support you if needed.

Keep your beardie healthy!


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