Why You Must Have A Bearded Dragon Hammock

bearded dragon hammockSo in this article I want to talk about an awesome addition for your bearded dragon habitat: The bearded dragon hammock. Man that thing is absolutely awesome. 🙂

Bearded dragons are one of the most popular reptiles you can have as pets. I mean it is not really a surprise, they look like small dragons, most of them are absolutely calm (some people want to call it “tame”) and they are also great reptiles for beginners.

However buying a bearded dragon isn´t hard, for beginners, buying the right tank can be hard, getting the right lighting can be hard, getting the right substrate can be hard. If you got all that, all you have to do is creating a great habitat for your bearded dragons.

In my opinion, the hammock is a must have for a great habitat.

The reptile hammock I use

I want to show you which hammock I use. I mean I can´t really recommend any other hammock, since I didn´t test the others yet. The only hammock I used so far was the one below.

Zoo Med Mesh Reptile HammockZoo Med Mesh Reptile Hammock, 17.5-Inch

It is a soft nylon mesh, my bearded dragons never hurt themselves when they climbed on it, I think that is a very important point.

Further the material is very robust, you won´t see any loose strings which your beardie might eat or get stuck in it or something like that.

What other bearded dragon lovers say

Before I buy a product for my bearded dragons, I make sure I get to know what other bearded dragon owners say. Sometimes I just talk to a friend who also got dragons, sometimes I have a look at forums, sometimes I just look at the Amazon customer reviews.

This product has 335 customer reviews on Amazon so far and it has a high rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 stars. Further it is the Amazon Bestseller in this category.

A lot of people even uploaded imaages of their bearded dragons enjoying the hammock. Have a look at the pics of the hammock here! Simply scroll down to customer images.

The suction cups

A lot of people have problems with the suction cups, since they worry that the hammock is not secure for their beardies, because the suction cups get loose easily.

I totally understand that, but to be honest, I never had problems with it. In the first time I placed a soft towel below the hammock, because I was worried too, but the suction cups didn´t fell off so I removed the towel.

You have to make sure that you read the instruction completely. It says that you should soak the suction cups in hot water for 5 minutes before using them. With this method I never really had problems. If yours fell off, just do this.

If you want, you can also remove the suction cups and replace them with small command hooks made of plastic. Should only cost a few cents. However in my opinion there is no need for that.

The lizard ladder isn´t necessary

Well, of course every good product has some additional products the manufacturer wants you to buy too. The ladder isn´t bad or anything, but I just think you do not need it.

If you want to help your bearded dragon to get on the hammock, you can also just place a stone or a big piece of wood near the hammock.

So in my opinion, you do not need it, but if you like it, get it 🙂

Why I like the reptile hammock

I own bearded dragons for a very long time now. At the beginning setting up the right habitat was very hard for me, but I read many books, I talked to a lot of people, made a lot of mistakes and now setting up a cool habitat is pretty easy.

However I like to change things when it comes to my dragon habitat. I like to add new stuff to the habitat to keep my dragons busy. I want to let them explore new things. My dragons are pretty calm and relaxed, so they are absolutely fine with that. Further I can see how attentive they get when I add new things to their cage or change some things.

It can take time until your beardie climbs on the hammock

When I added the hammock to my terrarium, my dragons were very attentive, however they did not get close to the hammock for the first three weeks. I was a little bit disappointed, but I knew that this was a normal behavior.

bearded dragon hammocksAfter three weeks one of my beardies finally climbed on the hammock. At first it looked a little bit unsure, but then it just lied on the hammock with its feed hanging down. Haha I think that looks absolutely cool! 🙂

Now I even got a bigger hammock so that my beardies can lie on it together.

Please note that it can take even longer that your beardies climb on the hammock, some people say their bearded dragon needed 3 months to get used to it. Just place it in your tank and be patient.

It is so great to watch my beardies getting on the hammock

This is another point why I absolutely love the hammock. I have seen a lot of bearded dragons that stand still the whole day, not moving, just looking. Well, my bearded dragons are the opposite here, they are very active.

So the hammock was a great addition to their cage, because after they got used to it, they showed some very interesting moves. It is not only the way how they climb on the hammock. If you hang your hammock a little bit higher in your cage, you will see your bearded dragon jump on it. Yes, you read right, they will jump. (Make sure that it is not too high, you don´t want your beardies to get hurt when they fall.)

I think that might be a big surprise for all the bearded dragon owners who own a little bit more quiet and lazy dragon, haha.

To see this, you only need to make sure that your dragon already explored the hammock and loves it. Further it doesn´t take much space in your tank, since you do not have to place it on the ground. Below the hammock is still space for your beardies to run around.

So in my opinion the hammock is absolutely awesome. Let your beardie work a little bit and hang it higher, but please not so high that your dragon could get hurt when it falls.

Interested in adding this awesome hammock to your bearded dragon habitat?

Get The Hammock Here!

Your opinion?

So I hope that my little article on my experience with the bearded dragon hammock was helpful to you.

Do you already have the hammock? What do you think about it? Do you have problems with it?
Have you ever seen your beardie jump on the hammock? 🙂

Let´s talk about it in the comment section below, just leave your message and I will get back to you as soon as I can. And if you need more décor for your bearded dragon cage click here!



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